Evaluation of Bismarck Public Schools
                                          High School Curriculum

     HB Consultation and Evaluation Associates will be working with the Bismarck community to evaluate the public high school curriculum. The evaluation will occur from October 1, 2004, through May 30, 2005, with reporting of results continuing through the fall of 2005. This project will examine the 180 courses offered for students in grades 9-12. The purpose of this evaluation is to establish whether or not the curricular offerings: 1) meet the needs of students and community stakeholders and 2) contribute to the achievement of No Child Left Behind goals.

The project will be implemented in six stages:
  1. Identify issues of interest to key district stakeholders.
  2. Collect initial data.
  3. Formulate preliminary findings.
  4. Collect final data.
  5. Formulate findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
  6. Report to key stakeholders.

     Below is a sample of questions used in focus group interviews with stakeholders including the school board, administrators, counselors, teachers, parents, students, and representatives of the business community.

  1. What skills and knowledge to you expect Bismarck Public School  graduates to have?
  2. How well is the curriculum meeting those expectations?
  3. What courses should be required for grades 9-12?
  4. What elective classes should be available to students in grades 9-12?
  5. What specific changes do you recommend for the Bismarck High School curriculum for grades 9-12?

     There will be a community forum on the evening of January 27, 2005. Details will be announced through local media. Comments can be made directly to the evaluation team at comments@hbassociates.us