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NOTE:  Aragon and Acurus are now owned by
Aftermarket replacement circuit boards for IPS and Ingot power supplies
Mondial Journal, Winter 1992
Original 2004, 4004, 24K, D2A, IPS, 4T2.  From before 1992 sometime
Aurum, Palladium, 18K, 47K, 2004 MK II, 4004 MK II, D2A MK II, 4T2.  From approximately 1992--1993
The Guide to Classic Aragon Amps
The Guide to Aragon Pre-Amp and Home Theater Processors
The Guide to Aragon Source Components
24K, Aurum, 2004, 4004, Palladium, 4T2, D2A, 18K, 47K, IPS
Aurum, 18K Mk II, 8000 series amps, Palladium II, Soundstage, D2A2, 47K
8000-series amps, 18K MK II, Aurum, D2A2, 47K,    Undated, but from the mid-1990's  (.pdf format)
Stage One,  3000-series, 2000-series, Palladium 1K, 8008 MK II, 28K MK II, Phonostage.  Undated, but from approximately 2002  (.pdf format)  Note: the Phonostage was NEVER RELEASED as a production item.  It would have been a restyled 47K phono preamp.
Aragon Soundstage,8000-series including Palladium II, 28K, 47K, D2A2.  Undated, but from mid-to-late 1990's  (.pdf format)
Klipsch-Era Aragon:  8008 MK II, Palladium 1K, 28K MK II, Phonostage, Stage One, 2000- and 3000-series amps
Aragon Palladium II magazine review (Off-site LINK)
8008 MK II.  Undated, but from approximately 2002  (.pdf format)
Stage One.  Undated, but from approximately 2002 (.pdf format)
Other Mondial products:  AmFi, MAGIC, and Remote Power Controller.
MAGIC Splitter  Late 1990's  (.pdf format)
AmFi AmfiTheater1   Late 1990's  (.pdf format)
RPC-120  Late 1990's  (.pdf format)
2002, 2005, 2007.  Undated, but from approximately 2002  (.pdf format)
3002, 3005.  Undated, but from approximately 2002  (.pdf format)
Other useful stuff:  Guides, Photos, 004-series upgrades to Mark II, Fuse sizes
Fuse replacements for selected Aragon and Acurus components (.pdf format)
What's involved in the 004 Mark II upgrades (.pdf download) IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT contact Indy Audio Labs for parts or to have the Mark II conversion work performed on your 4004/2004 amp.  There are no parts available to do the conversion.  This 7-page .pdf is for reference only.
4004 stereo power amplifiier
24K preamplifier and 4004 stereo power amplifier
47K phono preamp
8008 stereo power amplifier
28K remote-controlled stereo preampllifier
D2A digital to analog converer
Aurum preamlifier
Palladium differential monoblock power amplifiers with Aurum preamlifier
Photos on this page, and all advertising materials reproduced on this web site are used with permission of Klipsch, except photo of Aragon DVD player.
004 Series Bias and DC Offset adjustment  WORD (.doc)  file download
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Acurus gets it's own page!
Aragon Soundstage below prototype Aragon DVD player.  DVD player was never released for production.
DVD player was displayed by Paul Rosenberg at the CES show in Vegas; probably 2001.(just after acquisition of Aragon/Acurus by Klipsch.)  My thanks to Frank X for this information!
Aragon 8008ST magazine review (Off-site LINK)
Aragon and Acurus bias adjustment specs (Unverified!) (.doc download)
My appreciation to Kevin Chambers, who has supplied two scans of this 004 amplifer brochure; (Front) (Inside) and who is a source for custom aftermarket "IPS" and "Ingot" power supply circuit boards--the Ingot MkII.
Assembly of the Ingot MkII into an IPS housing (Ingot housing similar)